Victor Tadashi Suarez has agreed to come aboard the project. We are all so excited that he has joined us on this adventure in storytelling. One more piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. I am sure that his talented eye will really make “Gas Mask” shine.

Check out his reel below and see the the beauty of Victor’s work…

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Victor’s work as cinematographer has won recognition in festivals all over the world, winning a SILVER PALM at the MEXICO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Best of Festival at OPEN APPERTURE FILM FESTIVAL, BEST SHORT FILM at NAPERVILLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, and BEST PICTURE at the CUNUFF, among other awards. His portfolio includes commercial work, narrative and documentary shorts and features, and music videos. He has worked for MTV INTERNATIONAL, KOCH RECORDS, SONY, and THE DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTIONS.

He has worked with Final Cut Pro creator Michael Wohl as his storytelling mentor.

Victor will be shooting the project on a brand new SONY NEX-FS100. It shoots 2k images at uncompressed 8-bit 422 RGB, with a film-like shallow depth of field.

The project keeps gathering talented individuals. It’s so awesome. This is exactly what could have hoped for. Victor is overflowing with ideas on how to shoot this story.

Swing over to Victor’s Vimeo page and check out of the other videos over there. You will not be disappointed, it really is some wonderful stuff.

Here is the link