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Our Mission

Our mission is to become a premier production company, relentless in the pursuit of filmmaking of the highest quality.
We are committed to providing an atmosphere where artists create the purest form of their craft.  We strive to align ourselves with professionals who focus solely on the creative process.

Our Philosophy

We support these goals with a philosophy of making our projects the highest priority over any individual ambition.
Our ethos is to create a quality product by aligning ourselves with true artists who specialize and excel in their respective fields, surrounding every project we tackle with people in love with what they do.  Because they have the same love of cinema that we do, we come together as a film collective producing work borne out of a mutual cinematic respect.


Pablo Bonelli

Founder of Humungoid Films, Pablo Bonelli is an independent filmmaker and artist. He is the creative force behind this company, directing and producing many of the projects here at Humungoid, always in search of the perfect balance between story, structure and a unique aesthetic look in every project he takes on.

Anthony Boreland

Anthony Boreland

Anthony Boreland is a Producer, Writer and co-founder of Humungoid Films. He has written and produced for film, television and web since 2007, working with companies like NBC Sports, Versus and REVOLT TV. Anthony is currently Executive Producer of The Breakfast Club on REVOLT and headed the production team for the 2014 Global Spin Awards as Executive Producer. He graduated from Fordham University in 2006 with a BA in Communications, and completed an MBA at Pace University in 2009.