Hi guys,
First off I have to apologize for not updating the blog in such a long time. Where does the time go…. I will say that I have been really busy trying to get some projects off the ground. So lets get this show on the road.




The Housesitter

So much has happened since last I last wrote about this project. He had a showing at Westchester Community College in Peekskill for some of their film students. They were all very nice and filled out the comment cards we handed out. Most comments were overall positive but it was evident that there was a lot of sound problems that need to be addressed.

So through a friend we got a chance to take it to a very well-known sound editor named Larry Lowinger where he gave us notes as far as fixing the issues that were apparent in the film. We were lucky enough to find a sound editor that was willing to donate his time and effort to helping us out fixing them. His name is Chris Farfan, he is doing some incredibly wonderful work as far as fixing the sound of our project. There is still about 15 minutes left of the movie that needs to be worked on but it is getting there.

In the meantime, I created a website for the movie as well as adding some special effects and more color correction. We also have a new trailer for the film as we are starting our submission process. We did a late submission to the Toronto Film Festival but unfortunately did not make it in. A little bit of a bummer but that’s okay because we have other festivals on our list that we feel really good about.


So for the last month now I have been gathering up all our resources, making phone calls, contacting all the people that were involved initially last year when the locations fell through and we are trying to get it off the ground again. We really believe here at Humungoid that this is going to be an incredible project once it’s completed.

I sent out the script to a few people that I’ve met during the year, that told me they were interested in reading it and have gotten back a great response from those people. Some people have changed and some people are still with us but that is normal, projects are always coming up and it wasn’t fair to ask them to drop everything and come back. There a few people still on the team as well as some new faces. We have been working real hard on getting all our ducks in a row and gearing up for our crowd funding campaign to raise the money needed to actually make this short film. i can say that some of the best work ever done in this studio is being made and we are gonna blow you away with what’s we’re cooking up here. In the next few weeks I will be posting some interesting stuff and hopefully it will inspire you to donate to the project. We could use all the help we can get.

That’s it for now but keep your eyes open for some cool stuff coming your way from us!