We went out to Brooklyn this weekend to a photo shoot for some promo pics for “Gas Mask”. It was so much fun.  We packed the car up with props and the fam, hit Dunkin for some coffee and hit the road in the morning.  We all got there around 11 am and we were off to the races.  Setting up the lights, picking out wardrobe,  testing out the gas masks. 

Shadi Best, a gentleman and a great friend, agreed to take the pictures in his studio.   He has a cool set there.  He is a great photographer and we were lucky to have him aboard.  He was the DP on “Desolution” and is professional in every sense of the word.   He has a very keen eye and knows his stuff.   He had his monitor connected to his camera so we could see the pics come in as he took them.  Let me tell you right now,  the pics are freaking awesome.  he took about 400 shots, so we have to still go through them all and sort them all out. 

Special thanks to Coby for being a trooper and driving down on just a few hours of sleep (he tends bar till like 4 am)  I’m sure it was a pain in the butt to do it.  He never complained and was great.  He let his beard grow so he definitely looked the part and he got to have to guns (even though they were props) so he had fun.

Renzo came up with a great idea for one of the pics, towards the end of the shoot that I think is the best of all the pics we took.  using the lights to create a creepy dark look to it. 

It was fun and we got some awesome pics.  what more could we have asked for.  The project is coming along.

there are many elements coming together.  The storyboards, the designs, concept art and all the social media we are incorporating.   This is the most ambitious project to date.  We couldn’t be happier with everything so far. 

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As soon as we have the promo pics sorted, we will post up some examples.   So come back soon!