It seems that I like to take on more than I can chew and more often than not I tend to play catch up with all my responsibilities. I’m still trying to be more consistent on my blog posts.

Now that that’s outa the way. Let me tell you how excited we are with Gasmask. If you haven’t seen the trailer please check it out.


So let me tell you we’re we stand. We had a fundraiser last Sunday. And it was it was great. So many supporters came out. It was nice to see everyone, the cast, the crew and the wonderful people that made donations to this project. We had the Alexandra Kaucher’s wonderful costumes out for everyone to see.

We have been lucky on this journey and it still hasn’t run out. Just got a call today the everyone one of our top choices have agreed on coming aboard GASMASK and parking within the budget. So in the next week we will officially announce the team. Hopefully we can get all the post done in the next 3 weeks and begin the submission process.