This is my good friend Jeff.  He is an incredible musician and has agreed to score my project.  I feel so lucky that so many talented people are coming together for this and I feel confident about the music now that he is involved.

Jeff and I have been talking about working on a project for a long time.  We discuss film on a regular basis.  The conversations we have had over the last few years has really taught me a lot about just how important sound is to a film.

Right before I had taken a break from this project, to produce “The Housesitter”  We had a meeting and talked about the script.  I loved the questions he had about everything.  I told him the emotions I wanted to get the audiences to have and what i wanted to accomplish.  We were on the same wavelength.  He has given me a rough sketch of a piece the he composed for a scene… It was absolutely incredible.  It was more than I had expected and is in tune with what I want it to be.  I will be using it for our Kickstarter campaign.