From the beginning I knew that the world that these characters would be living in, would have to be believable for this story to come to life.  It needed to be rich and realistic.   I knew that I would have to find someone with the talent and the experience to do just that.  And guess what we did.

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Cat Torres is an ambitious new york city based production designer for Monstar films in music videos, commercials, reality TV shows, and more.  She has worked with numerous music artists and has recently completed two short films.  Her work reflects her professionalism and innovation cultivated from more than production design but also her background in photography, graphic design, and journalism.  The work put into gas mask, between everyone at Humungoid Films and herself, is sure to be expressive and action packed.

Cat is a young and extremely talented and we are really lucky to have her on this project.  She has been hard at work combing through the script and using everything at her disposal to create a world that reflects each and every character.   She is filled with energy and is excited about bringing this world to life. 

Make sure you check out her website for and some of her work.

Here is the link.