Today got up early and got together at the Humungoid Film studio in White Plains with Thomas and Helio to record a little blurb for our kick starter video for The Housesitter movie, we shot last month to raise money for post production. That went really well, Thomas hit all his marks and we got it done quick. We should be posting that up soon.

We also went over some of the dialog changes that Thomas made in the Gas Mask script. Working with him is really making it shine. The response to the initial script has been awesome. It seems that the uncomfortableness and the visceral aspect of the script really is shining through. Later we went over some of the head shots of the actors that responded to my ad for the audition casting call. Yesterday we booked a room in the city of 36 Street Studios room B for casting call to be held so I sent out e-mails in the morning to the various actors that I thought would fit the part and that had an interesting look. Guess what, we got overwhelming response from all of them and all the time slots for the room completely booked within three hours of the original e-mail I sent out. That was completely awesome!

Last week John had made some sketches for the design of the gas mask that the main character James wears. A couple of days ago, he surprised us by making a sculpture of the of the design so we can look at it as reference and actually hold it. It was really really cool just to have somebody actually do that for us. Now that little model is sitting right on my desk looking at me everyday. I love it!

Also on Tuesday I have set up a meeting, after the auditions with a cinematographer that hopefully, will agree to be the director of photography on Gas Mask. So we are excited about that. So cross your fingers.

It’s funny how everything is just rolling now.  We are all excited about the progress and the possibilities. Wish us luck on Tuesday.

Coming up….Kickstarter